Feedback from Workshops

“I just want to say I was super impressed with Paula. I thought the day went really well and she kept the energy levels up all day (no easy feat!) seriously one of the best facilitators I’ve ever participated with.” participant on Team Away Day , LINZ

“I am sure I speak on behalf of the team when I say that yesterday was a great success – we thoroughly valued the TMI session and it definitely helped to inform our afternoon.”  MFAT Manager

Paula Feathers has been associated with this Ministry for a number of years in various roles – including Leadership/Management Training, Performance Management training for staff and Managers, and assisting staff design and development in-house training courses. While Paula is a highly skilled facilitator and always receives excellent feedback from staff, it is in her capacity as a coach, and her skilled assessments and interventions that she is highly regarded. Paula is professional and timely in her communications/preparations, a good listener, and acts with integrity when coaching staff in a wider variety of situations/issues - from dealing with difficult conversations or management issues, to providing managers with tools for their role. Over the years Paula has acquired a number of tools and techniques that she can use depending on the issue e.g. Myers Briggs, TMI,  Coaching. Her sense of humour and practical approach is also part of her successful approach with the Ministry. The Ministry has greatly appreciated Paula’s coaching and facilitation skills, and would thoroughly recommend her.”  Learning & Development Manager, MFAT

“Many thanks for this and for the excellent day last week. I’ve had a lot of very positive and unsolicited feedback that the day was useful, enjoyable, and your facilitation style worked well for the team. Overall, people felt very safe, and are being very respectful and thoughtful in terms of what was shared by members of the team. For my part I felt that the team owned the conversations, enabled through the MBTI tool and your facilitation so a good balance was achieved.” Senior Manager NZTA

“The session was great. Your tone and manner and combination of theory and practical was just what we needed. Many thanks. I hope we do some more things together in coming weeks and months.” Cameron Harland, Park Road Productions General Manager

“I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the team for the workshop you ran on Friday, especially as you managed to pull everything together in such short notice!” MBIE Manager

“I realised the thing I found most helpful from Paula was watching her demonstrate the techniques.   Because I’d seen how it looked I could picture how to make it work for my training group.  It wouldn’t have been as useful to me if she’d just talked about things.  I took a similar approach today with my training group and was rapt to hear 3 schools saying they were going to run the same activities I did with them, with their own staff at school, to demonstrate the points they wanted to make (rather than just telling staff how it should be).    It was a powerful learning experience for me and I think for my schools.   Such a buzz!  ”Workshop participant, Ministry of Education

“I just wanted to say a further ‘thank you’ for the Paula Workshop last week!!  I had a fantastic day and it really inspired me once more!!  Paula is an amazing facilitator who seamlessly moved us through a huge array of tasks and learning in a safe and respectful way.  ”Workshop participant, Ministry of Education

” I just wanted to say many thanks again for the Team Leadership Course last week. I found it both beneficial and interesting, and thought the balance of theory to practical exercises was absolutely spot on. It was one of the most enjoyable training courses I’ve done at MFAT to date. I will convey this feedback to HRS.”  MFAT Workshop participant

Paula Feathers designed and facilitated a team building workshop with The Adara Foundation global management team in May 2011 in Sydney. I subsequently asked her to develop workshops for our staff and our youth in Nepal which she facilitated in November 2011. All three workshops were brilliantly designed and executed. Paula is wonderful at listening to what is needed, tailoring exercises to suit the circumstances and participants, and then brilliantly facilitating, adjusting the programme as the need arises. I highly recommend her.” Susan Biggs CEO,Adara Foundation

Feedback from Coaching Assignments

“I can’t thank you enough for these resources and for your ongoing assistance! It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be coached by you. The way you help me change my thought patterns, by asking questions, and thinking of alternative methods to lead is so wonderful. I can already notice a big difference and I am extremely grateful for that.” CEO, NGO, Sydney

“The coaching you provided really helped me to ask important questions of myself and about my work environment.  Developing this skill and exploring the information it gave me was empowering – much more powerful to discover than to be told.  It gave me perspective at a challenging time in my career and enhanced my resilience.  It defined my understanding of my value proposition in a work context and what was important to me in my life overall.  Thank you!” Tier 3 Manager, Government Agency

“A huge thank you from me for all your help, guidance and reflection over the past few months.  I cannot quite convey the shift that I feel has happened, and is still happening.. it’s exciting.Thanks Paula”

“It’s been great. I’ve learnt heaps and changed too. Thanks again!” 

“In my job, I am often required to have difficult conversations with my staff.  Paula’s coaching has been invaluable in helping me frame those conversations in a way that achieves what I need to but enables the employee to maintain their dignity, take on board what they need to and develop in their jobs in a positive way.  Paula has also enabled me to see clearly the world around me, worked with me on envisaging new ways of framing what initially seemed to me to be negatives and she gives me practical, usable help in growing as a manager.” Tier 4 Manager, Government Department

“Thanks for the articles and references. I’ve enjoyed my coaching sessions and have learnt heaps. Will definitely keep in touch. “

“Thanks for these references and for your very useful coaching. I’ve enjoyed working with you, and your lessons have been very useful for me professionally and personally. Like you, I hope our paths cross again, somewhere down the line”